Raw Materials

Charcoal Making Machine, also known as sawdust briquette machine, is a reliable way to make profit from agro forestry wastes.The Charcoal Machine can be applied to sawdust, crop straw, wood branches, rice hull, bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, coconut shell, sunflower shell, furfural dregs, cotton stalks, corn stalks, sesame straw, corncob and shrubs broken branches.(need to be processed into 3-5mm, moisture be dried below 12%)

Finished Products
Biomass briquette:

By the charcoal rod machine, the diameter can be:50mm-90mm with hole in the middle.Length can be 100-1200mm (normally about 300-500mm).The biomass briquette can be used as fuel for boiler or home cooking direclty. Or as a Semi-product, need to be charred by the kiln or carbonization furnace to turn into charcoal.Sawdust be molded by sawdust briquette machine to heating and extruding, no need to add binder.

Machine-Made Charcoal briquette:

Biomass briquette after carbonized, it turns into charcoal briquette. The charcoal has features of smokeless tasteless, combustion time is long, high thermal mass, etc, are used for barbecue, hot pot, heating, heating, drying, etc. It's ideal BBQ charcoal and home cooking charcoal.

Working Process

Working Process of Charcoal Machine, The first,the raw materials through Crushing Machine into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm), And then, the materials by Drying Machine or dried it in the sun , till the moisture is less than 12%;The third, Put the materials into feed let of Charcoal Briquette Machine; Produce the briquette stick from biomass material without any additive;Last, Carbonized the briquette stick by Carbonization Furnace into machine-made charcoal.

Main Products

The whole charcoal production line consist of Crushing Machine, Drying Machine, Charcoal Rod Machine, Carbonization Furnace and Auxiliary Equipments.For each machine, there's different types which is applicable for different materials.We can suggest machines and models according to raw material situation(size, moisture etc.)

Customer Cases

Every month, many customer visit our factory, to check the charcoal machine and talk with us about their need and situation face to face. After talking and comparison, they finally choose us as supplier or cooperating partner. And we'll also do our best to provide the most reliable service and machines.We've cooperated with Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Slovenia, America, Paraguay, Spain, Zambia, Kenya etc. Hope to cooperate with you!.


For small machine Less Container Loading delivery, we'll pack standard export cases for each machine.For full container loading, to secure all machine be well loaded and protected, we'll have plastic film package for each machine, and have the container come to our factory, we'll load the machine by ourselves, and fix the machine by the steel wires in the container. Do our best to protect the machine well until to your destination.

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