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Binder Mixing Barrel

Binder Mixing Barrel


1.1--22 Kw



Binder Mixing Barrel is running the impeller rotating to drugs and pulp fully mix evenly.


Binder Mixing Barrel is running the impeller rotating to drugs and pulp fully mix evenly by motor triangle belt transmission. Increasing the potion effect reaction time strengthen drug reaction quality necessary equipment.

Binder Mixing Barrel is suitable for ore beneficiation, also can be used for all kinds of chemical industrial material mixing.


1. Compact structure, good sealing, and in the feed port settings ash-damper, prevent water mist disturb

2. Stir well, mixing blade is sector, mixing with medium large contact area;

3. Spray head multi-slice settings, Water evenly and adjustable;

4. Remain ash rate is low, the bottom of the watershed settings to ensure that equipment inside no dead angle.

5. Mine mixer equipment performance is advanced, and the product quality is stable, mixed well, discharge quickly.

Technical Data
Model Diameter Depth Rotary Speed Motor Weight
BM-750 750 mm 750 mm 530 R/Min 1.1 Kw 228 Kg
BM-1000 1000 mm 1000 mm 530 R/Min 1.5 Kw 436 Kg
BM-1200 1200 mm 1200 mm 320 R/Min 3 Kw 765 Kg
BM-1500 1500 mm 1500 mm 320 R/Min 3 Kw 1083 Kg
BM-2000 2000 mm 2000 mm 230 R/Min 5.5 Kw 1671 Kg
BM-2500 2500 mm 2500 mm 200 R/Min 11 Kw 3438 Kg
BM-3000 3000 mm 3000 mm 210 R/Min 18.5 Kw 4613 Kg
BM-3500 3500 mm 3500 mm 230 R/Min 22 Kw 7110 Kg
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