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How to choose a charcoal machine?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2023-10-03 22:55:45
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With the rapid development of industry faster and faster, under such development, energy saving and environmental protection must also get people's attention, so as to ensure better development of the industry, while saving resources to protect the environment, in this case, there is a charcoal machine The generation of charcoal, many users are also investing in this equipment to produce new energy of mechanism charcoal, so how to choose a charcoal machine? What is the price of a charcoal machine?

Charcoal Product Line

1. It mainly depends on a specific situation of the customer. If you want to produce charcoal, you must purchase a complete set of charcoal machine equipment (pulverizer, dryer, rod making machine, carbonization furnace). The charcoal machine includes: dryer and rod making machine, while The carbonization furnace can also choose the earth cellar for production, and the pulverizer is selected according to the customer's raw materials.

2. You need to see what your raw materials are, and secondly, you can let the manufacturer configure the equipment. Such as sawdust and straw, charcoal can also be made, but the equipment used is different and the price is different.

3. The use of charcoal is different, the process of making charcoal is different, and the equipment configured is also different. For example, charcoal needs 7500 kcal of heat to burn. In this case, it needs to be crushed, dried, made into rods and carbonized. If charcoal is made to be used as an adsorbent, in this case, it needs to be carbonized before molding. The equipment configured in these two cases is different, the same is charcoal, but the price is very different.

4. According to the output you need, different output requires different equipment, and the price is also different. For example, there are 1 ton per day, 2 tons per day, 6 tons per day, 10 tons per day, etc. The equipment required for these different outputs is different and the price is different. will be different.

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