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How to control the moisture of charcoal machine raw materials?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2023-09-11 04:09:15
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SUNY GROUP Machinery has always adhered to the concept that only advanced technology can develop better in the market. After continuous summarization of experience, it has developed the core technical charcoal machine, and found a technological innovation method suitable for the development of manufacturers. From the actual situation of users It is required to operate, innovate the current existing technology, and promote the upgrading and development of the charcoal machine. So why avoid charcoal machine equipment to produce raw materials overnight? How to control the moisture of charcoal machine raw materials?

Why avoid charcoal machine producing raw material overnight?

As a process equipment developed in the carbon industry, the charcoal machine, its carbon-making effect and use space are more advanced and prominent than other carbon-making processes. The main supporting equipment of charcoal machine are wood crusher, dryer, rod making machine, carbonization furnace and so on. After perfecting the equipment, first control the moisture content of the raw materials to make rods under the premise of 6%-12%, which is the premise to ensure the overall charcoal production effect. Too much water content can cause the sticks to be too soft to char.

The charcoal machine equipment uses wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, bamboo chips and other wastes to replace traditional charcoal by extruding and burning them. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, large output, no pollution and many other advantages are accepted and recognized by the market.

From a scientific point of view, the environment itself has a certain humidity in the air, which naturally includes the working environment of the charcoal machine; after the raw materials of the charcoal machine are dried, although the humidity of the raw materials required for the rod making process at that time is guaranteed, this does not It means that it permanently meets the requirements of the rod making process. The raw materials should be processed within 6 hours as much as possible. Otherwise, if the storage time is too long, the raw materials will adhere to the ambient humidity. Out of control, there is no corresponding quality assurance. At that time, in order to ensure the quality of the charcoal machine rod equipment, it was necessary to not only control the humidity of the raw materials, but also pay attention to the dried raw materials. Don't miss a great time to make a stick. Prevent economic losses caused by the failure of subsequent production processes due to the high water absorption rate of dry raw materials in the air.

The overall production effect of the charcoal machine is very obvious, and its running performance is stable, the advanced technology is perfect, and the users also recognize the production quality of the charcoal machine. 's approval.

How to control the moisture of charcoal machine raw materials?

The moisture requirements of raw materials for charcoal machine equipment must be controlled within 12%. In the production process of charcoal machine equipment, the moisture requirements of raw materials are relatively high, and the moisture content of raw materials is generally between 6% and 12%. If the moisture content is less than 6%, the conversion and viscosity of the raw materials are poor, and the rod is not strong; if the moisture content is more than 12%, the rod is soft and easy to bend, prone to cracks and low density.

It is difficult to detect the moisture of raw materials of charcoal machine equipment through visual observation, and it is usually used for rough identification by hand. First of all, we touch the working separator shell with our hands, and its temperature makes the hands feel hot; secondly, we look at the color of the material that has just come out, and it is required to turn yellow; then grab a handful of the material that has just come down with our hands, and rub it into a ball with the palm of your hand. , and then release it abruptly, requiring all the raw materials to be dispersed. Therefore, users who invest in charcoal machines must pay special attention to charcoal technical issues. If the moisture content of the raw material of the charcoal machine does not meet the standard, it is necessary to configure the appropriate drying equipment. The material with the appropriate moisture content has higher yield and better flammability when producing charcoal.

Users must avoid the overnight production of raw materials when operating the charcoal machine to produce charcoal, so that the quality of the charcoal produced is not good, and at the same time, it is necessary to control the moisture of the raw materials produced by the charcoal machine, so that the quality of the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine will be better. Well, to ensure the quality of its production and bring more profits to itself.

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