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How does the mechanism charcoal machine produce good charcoal?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2023-09-20 13:59:16
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Under the development of the current era, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has always been used to promote market development. This is also a major field of Heying Machinery in the mechanism charcoal machine market. The continuous innovation of equipment has become more prominent in energy conservation and environmental protection. The mechanism charcoal machine will continue to develop in the future and play a greater role in environmental protection. So how does the mechanism charcoal machine produce good charcoal? What are the operating skills of the charcoal machine?

How does the mechanism charcoal machine produce good charcoal?

In the early days, digging a hole on the earth mountain and drilling an outlet was such a simple and well-sealed kiln. According to the working principle of earthen kiln, the carbonization furnace is designed. For the pulverizer and rod making machine in the complete set of equipment, the dryer is designed according to the pursuit of different customers for the product, because the early charcoal kiln can only burn branches, and the size and thickness of the charcoal after burning are different. Now, in order to pursue the effect, it is made into uniform-sized wooden sticks, and then fired into uniform-sized charcoal, which is smooth and resistant to burning. This is the difference between the mechanism charcoal machine and the original charcoal kiln.

Charcoal machine equipment

Charcoal machine equipment

The carbonization method of mechanical carbon is to use the sealed space for anaerobic natural carbonization. Since it is in a sealed anaerobic state, the loss in the carbonization process is small, and the combustible gas produced by the mechanism charcoal machine during the carbonization process is used to recover, ignite and accelerate. charring. The environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization furnace newly developed by Heying Machinery adopts new environmental protection technology. It does not produce any leaked smoke during the working process. At a certain temperature, combustible gas will be generated in the furnace, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The intermittent production has formed a new type of continuous working carbonization furnace, which improves the production capacity of the equipment.

If you want to produce charcoal smoothly, you can choose a mechanism charcoal machine. The profits of charcoal production are obvious to all. As the demand continues to increase, more and more people start machine-made charcoal production. Affected by environmental protection policies, machine-made charcoal factories that are not environmentally friendly and do not meet environmental protection standards are ordered to close down. Heying Machinery caters to market demand and develops an environmentally friendly charcoal machine with very good environmental performance. The flue gas treatment compliance rate is over 90%, forming a smoke-free and environmentally friendly charcoal production line, which is recognized by customers. If you want to produce charcoal smoothly, choose Heying mechanism charcoal machine, environmental protection and high efficiency possible.

What are the operating skills of the charcoal machine?

1. After the mechanism charcoal machine works for a long time, the motor pulley must be repaired, whether to refuel, whether to clean the dirt, etc., which can improve the service life of the machine.

2. Sometimes the mechanism charcoal machine will loosen the belt after working for a long time, then the speed of the machine will drop a lot. This is the reason why the output cannot increase after a long time of work, so it is necessary to check the tightness of the belt .

3. Check whether there is a heavy load in the operation of the motor, which will damage the motor for a long time and affect the working efficiency of the whole machine.

The combustible gas produced by the combustibles of the environmental protection mechanism charcoal machine equipment after being sprayed, cooled and purified in the pipeline is used as the heat source and raw material for early carbonization (such as mechanical rods, logs, bark, coconut shells, etc.). In the 1#, 2#, and 3# carbonization tanks of the furnace, two furnaces or three combined carbonization furnaces are heated and carbonized. The carbonization process is closed anaerobic dry distillation carbonization, and the raw materials in the furnace will undergo a series of A large amount of flue gas is produced through physical and chemical reactions, and all the flue gas is recovered, and then undergoes spraying, cooling, purification and other processes to form combustible gas, which is burned twice through the external pipeline. Supply carbonization furnace heating carbonization. In this way, self-generating combustion can be used to save energy, and no flue gas is emitted during the entire production process, so as to meet the national environmental protection requirements.

The above is the analysis of the operation method and operation skills of the mechanism charcoal machine to produce good mechanism charcoal. I believe that users can better operate the mechanism charcoal machine to produce mechanism charcoal through these steps, ensure its production efficiency and quality, and promote the mechanism charcoal machine at the same time rapid development.

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