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Charcoal Powder Extruder

Charcoal Powder Extruder


11--22 Kw


1--3 T/H


Pressing coal/ charcoal powder (≤ 3mm) into coal/charcoal sticks burning without smoke.


Charcoal Powder Extruder is an environmental-friendly Briquette Pressing Equipment, making full use and pressing coal/ charcoal powder (≤ 3mm) into coal/charcoal sticks burning without smoke. Shapes of final products can be round, square, hexagon and so on. 


Advantages of Charcoal Powder Extruder: High efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, make full use of some materials, thus bring big economic efficiency! 

Working principle:

The motor transmits power to transmission through the V-belt. At the same time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling, 

And the screw of propeller push forward coal or charcoal powder through forming die to produce the ideal high-pressed stick.


1.  No binder or noxious chemical need to use.

2. It absorbs the advanced technique at home and abroad, Innovative design and reliable quality;

3. Key parts are processed by imported high quality materials with High strength and toughness;

4. Temperature control, durability, adaptability, High production capacity.

Technical Data
Model MBJ140 MBJ180
Holes Number Single Double Single Double
Capacity 1-2 T 2-3 T
Power 11 Kw 22 Kw
Dia of Product φ40-80 φ7.5-80 φ35-100 φ7.5-45
Rotary Speed 60 rpm 60 rpm
Spiral Impeller Diameter φ120 φ160
Number of Screw 5 5
Dimention 1900×1100×1170 mm 2210×1370×1440 mm
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