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Continuous drum carbonization furnace

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-11-16 20:35:19
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The continuous drum carbonization furnace is an integrated drying and carbonization machine. The design of Dute does not require additional drying equipment. The raw materials are dried and carbonized in one drum. While drying, the water is automatically discharged, and the finished product is continuously carbonized, which greatly improves the quality of the product. The efficiency of carbonization has been improved, no matter in terms of carbonization quality or efficiency, it has met the needs of different customers and has been recognized by everyone.

Because the flue gas produced by carbonization enters the flue gas purification system and is transformed into pure composite combustible gas for cyclic combustion, the bottom of the vehicle solves the problem that the smoke exhaust of traditional carbonization equipment does not meet the standard. The whole carbonization process is an automatic continuous smokeless production, which has the advantages of strong sealing performance, uniform furnace temperature, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation. It solves the problems of high energy consumption, high pollution and high cost in the traditional carbonization production process, and realizes the environmental protection goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace

Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace

It can be used for carbonization of organic waste such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, bark, coconut shells, palm shells, domestic waste, sludge, and garden waste.

The complete set of continuous drum carbonization furnace equipment includes: 1 gasification system (gasification furnace, gasification furnace carbon discharger, sealed carbon discharger); purification system (spray tower, heat exchanger, condensation tower); 3 carbonization system ( Drum type carbonization main furnace, feeding machine, cooling carbon discharge machine, finished product conveyor); 4 combustion system (combustion chamber, burner); 5 control system (PLC automatic control cabinet).

First, the material is simmered in the gasifier, and the generated flue gas is harmlessly treated by the flue gas purification system to become pure gas. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the material to be carbonized is sent into the main machine through the feeder, and the material completes the whole process of drying and carbonization in the main machine in sequence. At this time, a large amount of flue gas will be generated, and this flue gas passes through the gasification furnace the same way Purified gas turns into combustible gas, which reaches the bottom of the main engine for cyclic combustion and is continuously produced as a heat source for its own carbonization. At this time, the work of the gasifier is gradually completed, and the finished charcoal generated after the raw materials are carbonized in the main engine enters the cooling charcoal discharge machine for cooling and continuous output. There is no smoke emission in the whole production process, realizing environmental protection and smokeless carbonization. First, the material is sent to the gasification furnace for combustion to generate flue gas. After the impurities such as wood tar and smoke are separated by the flue gas purification system, the separated pure gas is transferred to the bottom of the carbonization furnace for combustion. When the furnace temperature reaches a certain temperature, carbonization The material in the furnace begins to carbonize to produce flue gas, which is recycled into the flue gas purification system and converted into pure gas, which reaches the bottom of the furnace and burns itself under the action of the induced draft fan. After completion, the production line enters the stage of continuous feeding and continuous charcoal discharge. After the finished charcoal comes out of the bottom of the furnace, it directly enters the cooling charcoal discharge machine. The entire operation process of the production line is carried out in a closed carbonization furnace, which is anaerobic carbonization by external heating, which is environmentally friendly, continuous and energy-saving.

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