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What are the production characteristics of charcoal machine?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-12-27 15:33:01
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The charcoal machine is made of sawdust, branches, rice husks, bamboo chips, peanut skins, sunflower seed husks, furfural slag, wine residue, bagasse, corncobs, coconut shells, coffee husks and crop straw from the north and south. The forming machine is high-temperature and high-pressure plasticized to form a semi-finished machine-made charcoal, which is then carbonized in a carbonization furnace to become a finished charcoal.

Charcoal machine production features:

1. No need to add any adhesives and harmful chemicals.

2. The raw material humidity is within 8-12%.

3. The hot air drying system is adopted, and the drying effect is very good.

4. After high temperature, purification and smoke removal, the carbonization equipment can transform the semi-finished product into smokeless, odorless clean carbon, with technical support.

Mechanism-made charcoal is different from ordinary charcoal. Mechanism-made charcoal is easy to break. The reason is that during carbonization, due to lack of experience, the temperature and heat of firing are not well grasped, resulting in uneven firing of mechanism charcoal, resulting in brittle mechanism charcoal. . What we have to consider is the forming process of the mechanism charcoal, because the rod making machine shapes the mechanism charcoal through high temperature extrusion.

Therefore, in the process of use, the propeller of the rod making machine will cause a certain amount of wear and tear, so that the pressure cannot be reached when it is pressed and formed, so the produced salary rods will cause the phenomenon that the density does not meet the standard and the surface is not smooth. The fuel sticks whose density cannot be reached will be brittle after being fired later, and this kind of charcoal cannot be sold at a price.

There are more and more manufacturers using charcoal machines, and there is an endless stream of manufacturers

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