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Common problems and solutions in the carbonization process of mechanism carbon

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-06-06 16:17:59
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1. Kiln firing;

This situation is easy to happen on windy days, and generally only occurs within the first day of the kiln.

Reason: It is caused by the excessively large contact area of flammable gases such as hydrogen and methane and the rapid combustion of oxygen in the kiln.

Solution: When building a kiln, a buffer pit should be reserved in the chimney, and the chimney should be built into a trapezoid that closes from bottom to top. The chimney acts as a hood to minimize the impact of strong winds on the kiln.

2. Powder stick;

Reason: This problem occurs mainly because the humidity in the kiln is relatively heavy or the airflow in the kiln is not smooth.

Solution: Make full use of the enlarged smoke hole, open the enlarged smoke hole for 30 minutes to 1 hour after ignition for 24 hours (generally, the moisture in the kiln is the heaviest after 24 hours) to discharge the moisture in the kiln. In addition, the chimney should be cleaned before installing the kiln to ensure that the flue gas path is unobstructed.

3. Charcoal;

Reason: There are two main reasons for this kind of problem, a, the airflow in the kiln is not smooth; b, the kiln manufacturing problem.

Solution: A. The airflow is not smooth: the main reason is that the flue was not placed properly when the flue was placed, the brick seam was too large, and the sawdust rod fell into the flue to block the flue. Such problems can only be eliminated by preventing and supervising the work of the kiln installers. Really can not only replace the grate flue. B. Kiln manufacturing problems: Generally speaking, the kiln is not built as required, and the four corners are not built with rounded corners, which usually causes such problems. Because the main heat conduction method in the kiln is air convection, the four corners If it is at a right angle, it is difficult for the air to circulate in this position, so that it is difficult for the heat to be conducted to this position, and charcoal will be produced in this position. The solution is to not put sawdust sticks in this position.

4. It melts too much;

Reason: There are many reasons for such problems, generally the following points.

A. Improper ignition position. B. The heating process is too long. C. The kiln flue is blocked. D, kiln leakage. E. Too much oxygen is given in the carbonization process.


A. Improper ignition position: The ignition position is too close to the oxygen supply hole, and an open flame is generated at the oxygen supply hole (kiln door), resulting in a large amount of carbonization at the kiln door. The main solution to this problem is to correct the ignition position so that the ignition position is close to the middle of the kiln body. B. The temperature raising process is too long: Sometimes it may be because the charcoal burners neglect the time of closing the kiln, which leads to the long heating time and wastes some charcoal that has been carbonized. C. The kiln flue is blocked: the blocked flue will inevitably lead to prolonged carbonization time, which will inevitably burn more charcoal, so when installing the kiln, it is necessary to ensure that the chimney and flue are unobstructed. D. Air leakage in the kiln: The air leakage in the kiln needs to be repaired in time. E. Excessive oxygen supply in the carbonization process: This problem is more complicated, and the charcoal burners must always observe the kiln temperature and adjust the oxygen supply.

5. The kiln does not turn off:

Reason: The cause of this problem is the kiln leak.

Solution: The solution is very simple, repair the leak in time.

6. The carbon shrinkage is not good;

Reason: There are two main reasons: a, the carbonization process is too fast; b, the temperature raising temperature is not enough.

Solution: A. The carbonization process speed is too fast: too fast carbonization speed will inevitably lead to charcoal cracking. Once the charcoal cracks too much, it will be difficult to shrink. Therefore, to solve this problem is to control the carbonization speed. Control carbonization temperature can not be too high. Generally do not exceed 300 degrees. B. Insufficient temperature for raising temperature: When the carbon is refined and heated, the temperature does not reach the required temperature. Generally, the charcoal has a good shrinkage only when the charcoal temperature is above 800 degrees. The higher the charcoal temperature, the better the shrinkage, but the higher the temperature, the lower the charcoal yield and the higher the cost. It is generally recommended to raise the temperature to 800 degrees.

7. There are many carbon cracks;

Reason: The main reason is that the temperature of the carbonization process is too high, and it may also be the inherent defect of the sawdust stick itself.

Solution: If it is not the inherent defect of the sawdust stick itself, then you should pay attention to controlling the temperature of the carbonization process, and the temperature of the carbonization process should not exceed 300 degrees. If it is an inherent defect of the sawdust bar itself, please go to Chapter 4 to find a solution on the forming problem.

8. Carbon hardness is not enough;

The cause of this problem is the same as the poor shrinkage of charcoal, please refer to the sixth item.

9. Carbon without steel sound;


10. No metallic luster;


11. High volatile content of carbon;

Reason: The reason is that the heating temperature is not enough.

Solution: Please extend the heating time and raise the temperature to more than 800 degrees.

12. The carbon ash content exceeds the standard;

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