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Precautions for the use of coconut shell carbonization furnace

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Coconut shell carbonization furnace is an environmentally friendly carbonization equipment that can directly carbonize various nut shells, coconut shells and other raw materials containing wood fibers into charcoal. Coconut shell carbonization furnaces can continuously produce for 24 hours, realizing continuous feeding and continuous carbon (carbon) It breaks through the problem that traditional carbon (carbon) equipment cannot continuously carbonize (carbon), and greatly improves production efficiency. This machine is equipped with an intelligent control cabinet and adopts an intelligent control system, which greatly saves labor. Towards a leap development of automation and intelligence. What are the precautions for the use of coconut shell carbonization furnace?

Precautions for the use of coconut shell carbonization furnace

1. Check whether the fan rotates flexibly and steadily.

2. Fill the purifying condenser with water and observe whether there is any water leakage.

3. Check whether the joints of various components are tight, and whether the sealing rock wool of the furnace door and the fire door is sufficient.

4. Connect wood tar pipeline.

5. After everything is normal, load coconut shell and other materials into the furnace, first put the raw materials in the steel frame made by yourself, and the size of the frame is self-determined.

6. Close the furnace door when it is full.

7. Ignite the fuel in the pilot furnace, start the induced draft fan, close the upper fire door, open the lower fire door, and adjust the valve of the smoke outlet to keep the flue in a dredging state.

8. When the purification condenser at the back produces combustible gas, turn off the ignition system and use the gas generated inside the furnace for heating.

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