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Charcoal production line manufacturers

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-01-18 15:45:02
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Mechanism charcoal machine production line equipment With the continuous increase of labor costs, charcoal manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the degree of automation of the mechanism charcoal machine production line. Investing in fully automatic mechanism charcoal machine production line equipment is an ideal choice. One investment, year-round benefits. Mechanism charcoal is the use of agricultural and forestry waste (agricultural and forestry product waste) as raw materials, and processed to make it into new energy; mechanism charcoal. This project has low investment, high efficiency, and turns waste into treasure. It is very suitable for the deep processing of the tertiary industry in the vast rural areas, forest areas and agricultural and forestry product processing plants. It is a good project to develop the economy, make a fortune and make a profit. Henan Gongyi Heying Charcoal Machine Factory, on the basis of absorbing the advanced technical characteristics of equipment at home and abroad, has innovatively improved the fully automatic mechanism charcoal machine production line developed and produced, with advanced technology, labor saving, high production efficiency, low production cost and good product quality. ,energy saving.

These equipments can crush, sieve, and dry the raw materials to the automatic production of rods through a reasonable ratio link. This whole set of technological processes is to save manpower and expenses, and realize the assembly line operation of the production of mechanical carbon rods. . Because the whole process is airtight and dustproof, there is no smoke, dust, and the working environment is good; it fully reflects the people-oriented design concept. Expanded production capacity, increased efficiency, and saved labor and labor intensity. 3-12 sets of rod making machines can be designed as fully automatic assembly lines, and the number of workers is 3. Taking six briquette machines as an example, the complete set of equipment is composed of a dryer and a briquette machine; the operation of the dryer (one person for screening, feeding, and heating) requires 3 people, and six briquette machines are operated. (Adding materials, picking up sticks) requires 6 people, a total of 9 people. 9-3=6; We save 6 workers' wages and management troubles. Therefore, as long as the customers with sufficient raw materials should first consider the automatic mechanism charcoal machine production line equipment.


The simple automatic charcoal machine production line mainly includes, pulverizer → trommel screen → screw feeder → dryer → cold material system → screw feeder → double screw blanking machine → rod making machine → automatic rod cutting machine → steel Net conveyor → carbonization furnace and other equipment.

Mechanism charcoal machine production line equipment The production mechanism charcoal process is mainly divided into:

1. Raw material preparation is a system including screening, drying and output;

2. The process of the rod making machine is composed of extrusion rod making, salary rod cutting, and salary rod collection;

3. The carbonization equipment process is composed of fuel rod transportation, fuel rod stacking, carbonization, and kiln discharge;

In the production process, if the raw material is coarse or not fine, it can be equipped with a pulverizer. If the raw material has too much moisture, it can be equipped with a dryer. Mechanism charcoal production is to pulverize the raw materials into 2-6mm granules, dry or dry to make the water content less than 12%, enter the rod making machine and extrude it at high temperature to make it into a rod (without any binder), Then put it into a carbonization kiln for carbonization to make machine-made charcoal.

1. The main purpose of the pulverizer is to pulverize crop wastes such as branches, corn, cotton firewood, etc. into particles below Ф6mm, which are used as raw materials for the charcoal forming machine.

2. Drying treatment. The combustible gas produced by the carbonization furnace is used to burn the heat to dry the material.

3. This process is to make the material into rod-shaped solid fuel under the condition of high pressure and high temperature.

4. The carbonization furnace is an important equipment for dry distillation of semi-finished fuel rods into charcoal under anoxic conditions; its working principle is that semi-finished fuel rods are burned (or surface-burned) in anoxic conditions to generate combustible gas.

Its working principle is to use the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials, through the pressure of the screw, the high temperature biomass material, under high temperature and high pressure, the lignin cellulose in the wood raw material combines the fibers to form a semi-finished product with holes → Great.

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