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How to judge whether the charcoal produced by the mechanism charcoal machine is unqualified

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-01-21 11:10:33
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In the market, the mechanism charcoal machine is a very good equipment. After the customer purchases the equipment, there may be various problems, such as the production of unqualified charcoal. If the quality of the mechanism charcoal machine passes the test, the reasons may be the following aspects:

1. Semi-finished salary rods: The density should be high. This link should focus on the quality of the semi-finished salary rods made by the rod making machine. Of course, the higher the density, the better the carbonized charcoal.

2. The planning of the mechanism kiln should be reasonable and the sealing should be strong. Air leakage will result in the consequences of raw charcoal and kiln not turning off the flame. Even if the carbonization furnace is used, the welding seam around the furnace should be sealed.

3. The carbonization process should not be too fast, and the carbonization curve should be ensured and the moisture should be discharged.

4. According to customer requirements, we can use our own carbonization principles to produce qualified high, medium and low temperature carbon. And can make a clear judgment on the carbonization curve, the color and taste of the smoke, whether the charcoal is qualified or not, because the carbonization result is the guarantee of profit.

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It is not enough to rely on one person's strength to ensure quality. We need to work together! Initiate the concept of creating qualified products in production! We must do our best to improve the quality of technology. The energy-saving mechanism charcoal making process has high requirements on the moisture content of the raw materials, and the moisture content of the raw materials is generally between 5% and 12%. If the moisture content is less than 5%, the material conversion and degree are poor, and the rod is not strong; if the moisture content is more than 12%, the rod is soft and easy to bend, and the density is low.

Generally, fresh materials (such as fresh bamboo, raw branches, etc.) contain about 50% water content, which needs to be dried 1-2 times with the dryer in the energy-saving mechanism charcoal machine. If the raw material is dried in the open air or in the sun for 1-2 days, the number of drying times can be reduced by 1. In any case, we have to dry the raw material more than once to meet the requirements of making rods.

How to distinguish the dryness and wetness of the materials used in the energy-saving charcoal machine?

Generally speaking, we make a rough distinction by seeing and feeling. As long as we accumulate experience, this method is still feasible. In the first line, we touch the shell of the separator that is working, and its temperature makes the hand feel hot; secondly, when we look at the color of the material that has just come out, it is required to be yellow; , and then violently spread it out, requiring all the materials to be dispersed.

If the raw materials processed by the charcoal machine manufacturer meet the above requirements at the same time, the raw materials can meet the requirements. Of course, the inspection of the briquette machine shall prevail. If the propeller is normal and the produced salary rods meet the product quality requirements, the moisture content is just at the normal scale.

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