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What are the advantages of mechanical charcoal machine equipment

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-01-25 12:23:45
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Several advantages of the mechanism charcoal machine equipment? The charcoal machine is also called the charcoal machine, which mainly uses crops such as corn stalks, corn cob, leaves, branches and sawdust as raw materials to make charcoal. The charcoal machine realizes the reuse of waste, and the charcoal produced at the same time can replace coal as a new fuel. Therefore, the research and use of charcoal making machine has far-reaching significance. At the same time, the charcoal machine also has five advantages. These five advantages make the charcoal machine go further in the charcoal industry.

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There are five main advantages of the charcoal making machine: First, the carbonization speed is fast. Kiln-free technology, 24-hour running water production, no site restrictions. The second is high production. The charcoal making machine has good quality and high output. The third is minimal maintenance. The charcoal machine only needs to be overhauled once every six months. The fourth is ultra-low power consumption. The average power consumption of each set of equipment is about three kilowatts per hour. The fifth is extremely simple operation skills. The product can be produced with only two simple operation processes, and the equipment can be shipped normally within three days after installation.

In the production process of the mechanism charcoal machine, the important process is the rod making and carbonization process. The mechanism charcoal machine has extremely high requirements on the rod making and carbonization process. Different carbonization stages require different problem settings. If the temperature control is not good, this will directly affect the quality of the finished charcoal machine. So what is the optimal temperature setting for different carbonization processes of charcoal machines with different mechanisms?

In the drying stage, the temperature of pyrolysis is very slow, so the temperature should be controlled at 130-160°.

In the pre-carbonization stage, due to the obvious pyrolysis reaction of the material, the wood material begins to change, so the temperature in this stage should be controlled at 160-280°.

The carbonization stage is also called the thermal reaction stage. The pyrolysis reaction of wood materials is relatively obvious, so the temperature of the carbonization stage should be controlled at 280-450°.

Calcination stage This stage relies on externally supplied heat to calcine the charcoal, so the temperature of the calcination stage should reach 450-500°.

The carbonization stage is an important stage in the carbonization process at this stage, and it is also a stage with high temperature, so the temperature of the carbonization stage should be 500-1300°

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